They’ve Done It Again

The MTA Board has again voted to raise fares on virtually every means of transportation for which it is responsible. As a city government corporation, the MTA Board is immune from the political pressures of having to worry about re-election.  The seventeen-member board is appointed by the governor and each board member serves a six-year fixed term.  Some may say this removal from politics would promote objectivity in decision making, but the past few years’ consistent spat of fare hikes begs the question, who’s holding them accountable?

A cynic certainly cannot call upon the New York State Legislature who themselves desperately need someone to hold them accountable. And certainly not the soon-to-be lame duck governor.

The public’s only recourse is the hand full of people who show up at public hearings to personally bash the MTA Board for being “rich snobs” who are out of touch with the average consumer of public transportation.  Regardless of whether or not there is truth to those assertions, such rhetoric is not productive.  Greater transparency of how the MTA plans projects and spends its budget should be demanded by the public.  Sadly, as we have seen with many fare hikes through the last few years, there lacks the public official with the courage to assert the authority to step forward and demand the transparency we need.


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