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Regular Contributors

What draws our contributors together is their desire to share the highs and lows of grad student life at one of the busiest colleges in the world. All author’s opinions represent their own.


Grad Baruchian Alumni

Founding contributors
Lemuel Morrison, Marina Koletis, Emily McMillen, Tex Morgan, Emily Rotella, Jeremy Sykes, Danielle Hemsley

Succeeding Contributors
Sasha Vilchynskaya, Bhavin Patel, Jenny Jackson, Jiewen Yin, Karen Shulman, Maria Shpokayte, Natalie Leviev, Papa Baffour-Awuah, Peter Hlinka, Takuya Oka, Shumei Christy Wang, Jennifer Bender, Beidi Sabrina Ma, Max Platoff, Dan Boardman


Other Contributors

The GradBaruchian discourages anonymous posting. The blog, however, does have two account profiles without a specific person behind them.

Gradbaruchianshamash is a profile where at-large contributors can submit a post without creating a profile.  If you have something to contribute, contact an editor and they will post it for you. Your name will lead.

TanteClareBoothe is the profile whose namesake comes from the “close” ahem confidant of Bernard Baruch. Posts on the profile are in response to the very important, but intimate and private, “studies” of graduate students.

The Graduate Baruchian is for, by and of the graduate students of Baruch College.  That being said, this blog is entirely independent of Baruch College and CUNY.  The opinions expressed here are entirely those of the authors. We welcome posts, images and opinions for all quarters, students, alumni, faculty and from the community at large.  Anyone can post on any matter that relates the Baruch, Business and NYC in general.  We have some simple rules.

  • Inflammatory, ad-hominum attacks or otherwise bad stuff will not be tolerated and the submitter will not be welcome here.
  • For posts that specifically identify an individual (other than public figures), we ask that you send a link to that person after you post. We believe it is polite and respectful to let a named person aware of what was written. And (gasp!) the opportunity to correct misspellings and misinterpretations.
  • For posts that are critical of Baruch, we will send advance notice of the post to the administration for comment.  This is not for permission, but rather for dialogue to improve. Everyone recognizes that the graduate experience will have shortcomings and flaws.  We want to build feedback and an open environment to discuss it.

Need to request more info? Want to post on GradBaruchian?

We appreciate that so many are very busy with their lives.  Moreover, that workloads change over the semester.  There are several levels of involvement one can take when posting:

  • At-large (casual):  simply send content to an existing editor.  This person will review the text and post it with the submitter’s  name at the top of the post under the anonymous user, Gradbaruhianshamash.
  • Regular Contributor: The administrators will offer this level to anyone who submits at least 2 posts a semester.   All material will have to approved by an editor.  The contributor will have an opportunity to complete a profile that Contributor page will show.  The level may be rescinded if the contributor does not maintain the level of posts.
  • Editor: The administrators will offer this level to a contributor who has shown a commitment to the effort and agrees to post at least once a week.  The editor will have freedom to post at will,  make changes to pages and approve the posts of contributors.  The level may be rescinded if the contributor does not maintain the level of posts.
  • Administrators:  This level will be offered to editors who have shown a level of commitment and provide a buy-in equal to the amount previously devoted to the blog.  It must clearly understood that this level equals ownership, which include future financial, operational, and legal obligations.

Please see WordPress for an explanation for the permissions at each level.

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