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Got 2 minutes?

Real data helps students apply what they are learning in context.

This standing page exists to help you help a grad student: By completing a timely survey, you’ll make it possible for them to learn the agony of conducting data analysis in the real world.

There are no currently open surveys.

Got a Survey?

We can help if you are distributing a survey towards completion of your graduate program or in support of a graduate club.

Send a link and brief description of your survey to the editors, who can share. Please include the date you will stop collecting responses.

Past Surveys

MKT 9716 Consumer Behavior: Travel & Cruise Research. Expires May 1, 2012.  More Info Piotr Stachera

Marketing Research:  Assess New Yorker’s recycling habits. Expires ?. More Info Delia Heius.

Business Competition: Digital Studying Project — Textbook Preference & Spending and Social Networking & Education.  Expires January 31st, 2012.  More info: June Gong.

New Project for Date scheduling. Mini-dates. Expires January 15th, 2012. More info: Herry Pierre-Louis

MKT 9702 Marketing Research Team Gap  Expires December 6th, 2011

MKT 9702 Marketing Research Red Bull  Survey Expires November 31, 2011

CIS 9775 Entertainment and Media  Questionaire on the MBA experience in NYC. Expires November 31, 2011

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  1. lisa says:

    who are the editors, how do I contact you

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