The Tech Corner – an introduction

Hi all in the blogosphere!  My name is Judah and I am a first year in the Zicklin Full Time Honors MBA Program.  Originally from Philadelphia, I attended college at The George Washington University in Washington, DC.  After college, I moved back to Philadelphia to work for Hillel at Temple University for five years, where I left in May, as The Director of Technological Services.  I also run a small consulting firm, Ferst Solutions, where I work with non-profit organizations to help them make the most of their online investments.  (Oh, and in my spare time I run The Buzzing for Change Foundation.)

I will be writing in this space every week to update you on various news in the tech community.  This will be everything from important business news in the tech community, to news in the social media sphere,  to, most importantly, how you can best utilize technology to help with your school work, job search and future job.  There is tech news that breaks everyday and I will be writing a post each week to highlight the most relevant information and tools out there.  In addition I will be highlighting some tools that you may already use, but focus on how you can maximize your effectiveness when communicating online.

Now that I have introduced myself and what I will be writing about, I thought I should end with a short post with a simple lesson about how to improve your online communications.  The World Wide Web is not a “web” for nothing.  It is a web because of all of the linkages back and forth.  We have an incredibly powerful tool at the tips of our fingers – the ability to write concise communications with links that allow us to tell a more vibrant story.  My first paragraph in this post (above) illustrates this point.  I did not want to take up your time to read about all of my past, so I cut out a lengthy explanation of The Buzzing for Change Foundation, and just provided you a link to it.

When you are looking to link to another piece of online content (a blog post, web page, YouTube video, etc)…

  • Type your document or e-mail and note of the words or phrases you would like to e-mail to.
  • Go to the webpage you are interested in linking to.
  • Copy the URL of that page (the text that appears in the address bar of your browser (almost always starting with http://).
  • Go to the document, e-mail, blog post, etc. you want to link from.
  • Highlight the text you want the link from.
  • Click on the hyperlink button.  It usually looks like:

(sometimes without the globe)

  • Past the text into the pop-up window
  • Click OK.

That’s all there is to it!  Stay tuned for posts in the coming weeks about the latest tech news and other helpful tips for navigating the web!

4 Responses to “The Tech Corner – an introduction”
  1. sykaljery says:

    Great post Judah. I too am a GW alum!

    Linking is definitely what the web is about. Can you link in the comments section too?

    • jferst says:

      You can, unfortunately there is no editor to easily do it. You would need to know HTML to add it in a comment in a wordpress blog 😦

  2. Lemuel Morrison says:

    Look just below the comment box. The html tags are there.

  3. jferst says:

    I guess I should have been more clear. If you understand HTML tags there is no reason why you couldn’t post links here, but there is no editor to post as I described above.

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