Real Estate Club Event — Larry Palumbo

Today in the elegant Oak Room of the Newman Real Estate Building,  Larry Palumbo of BlackRock spoke to the Real Estate club about his view of the industry.  With his cell phone in close reach, (his wife is expecting any moment) Mr. Palumbo discussed his background and his current role.  He serves as a director and manager of fund that serves pension funds.

Questions from the audience included cap rates, leveraging, stances with relation to inflation\deflation and lots of frank questions about strategy.   There were two takeaways from his discussion.  There is a lot of opportunity for those willing to look, but there are few “slam dunks.”  Mr.  Palumbo advised prospects to the field to polish  analytical skills, read up on the industry and get out and meet people.

Good advice and we wish Mr. Palumbo and his wife good health and much joy.   Check the Real Estate club for future events.


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