Zicklin Notes (aka Cornell Notes)

With fall semester in full swing, I would like to share a proven note taking schema known as Cornell Notes.   You will do well to download, review and apply the method to your classes.  Moreover, you can download the word document that I crafted specifically for Zicklin.

There is a value in staying polished and organized.  To accomplish this I recommend the following.

1) Print (doublesided) these sheets in advance with the class and section number in the header.  This helps in case the binder comes undone and mixes with your other notes.

2) Punch holes in the notes (and other materials) along with a folder.

3) Bind together using simple two-prong clips.

4) Take notes or doodle

5) Scan, or take a picture.  Be sure to file the images well, so you can find them if you need to.

This last step may seem pointless.  You won’tthink so when you spill coffee (or beer) on your notes, or worse, lose them.  You will also be a hero to your classmates when you can quickly share your notes via e-mail.

Voila!  You have a clean, professional and efficient system for note taking and keeping track of  your class materials.  Good luck and share your comments or improvements.


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