GSA Social a Success

By Jeremy Sykes

Last Thursday the 16th, the GSA hosted it’s annual social on the fourteenth floor of the Vertical Campus.  GSA President Mosharof Shamim, was there to greet students as they entered the reception.  The purpose of the event is to welcome the graduate community each year, and to get them involved in student clubs and life on campus.  After the summer months, when some students take time off, the GSA Social provides a great place to meet up with students who have returned to classes, or for new students to make friends in a relaxed environment.  The GSA provided food and beverages to the crowd.  Said President Shamim, the purpose of the GSA Social “is to allow the whole Baruch graduate community to mingle.”  Kris Bhambhani, a student graduating this year said of the event, “it’s a great way to bring students from different disciplines together.”  Likewise, student, George Selinsky ’12, said that the social “is very important as it gives the school a human face, and it’s something that every good business school should do for its students.”
Students ate one of two pasta dishes and had their choices of wine or beer.  Meanwhile a large projector showed pictures from the previous year on the wall, allowing students to see highlights of the prevous year’s events.  President Shamim, speaking generally of Baruch, believes that the Zicklin School is great “because of the people with real life experiences, bringing diversity, and making each classroom that much more exciting.”  Bhambhini, excited to be graduating this year stated that Baruch was “a great place to marry my practical experiences with advanced theory.”
The next two GSA social events are planned for October 28th, and December 1st.  Tune in to the GradBaruchian for more!


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