Event Planning 10/14 – 10/20

Hey friends, ready to have some fun??

Friday – Tonight at the PIT ( People’s Improve Theatre) get ready to experience a trio of gentlemen so good you’d swear it is scripted.. Check out the site for the rest of the programs scheduled for the night as well.


Saturday – With Halloween right around the corner, stop by the best, for which I mean the scariest, haunted house in NYC. It will test both your nerves and adrenal gland for a heart-pumping experience.


Sunday – The Brooklyn Academy of Music has a fantastic free exhibit known as the New Wave Art festival. Of course the key word is free but it is sure to please the eye as well the wallet.


Tuesday – I don’t normally put in events held on campus but there is one which I feel should be worth while. The MPA Club roundtable series is calling all future non-profit leaders to come meet and greet executives in the industry. Non-Profit may sound like an oxy-moron to you MBA’s out there but you’d be surprised how often careers are started by getting out of your comfort zone.

RSVP to lauen.stempeck@baruchmail.cuny.edu

That’s all folks, catch you all next week and best of luck on your midterms!!


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