Financial Literacy for Youth Club

About FLY:
The goal of FLY is to educate high school students about various financial topics appropriate for the young workforce making financial decisions.
FLY was introduced in the year 2008 by the MBA students at Zicklin School of Business in Baruch College in response to the financial crisis. It proved to be a huge success and was well appreciated by the participating schools and the students. FLY received the Team MBA Award from GMAC last year for original idea.
FLY is a day long program consisting of four subject areas – Budgeting, Investment, Credit & Identity Theft, Insurance. This year there are three schools participating in the program and the students from these schools will be divided into 6 small classes of 15 students and will be taught by the MBA students in an interactive class room environment. Each subject matter will be covered by a group of subject specialist team in an hour long session.
The program is scheduled for the November 12th 2010 held in Room nos. VC12-130,VC12-135,VC12-140,VC12-145,VC12-155,VC12-175.
The three schools participating are: Norman Thomas, Murry Bergtraum, and Edward Murrow High Schools.
Please feel free to email me for any further information you require.

Ankur Seksaria


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