Attention, Attention!! Stupidity Tax in the Baruch Cafeteria!

What is wrong with this picture? Yes my friends, you are right, the math doesn’t make sense. In fact, the combination of Milk & Cereal is more expensive than purchasing them individually. I am surprised that a school which is known for Accounting could allow such an error in its own cafeteria.

I am hoping that I am not the first to notice, but I felt that it was my duty as your favorite future accountant to warn you. If anyone knows who to speak to about this insult to arithmetic, please do so or send me their e-mail. Until then, be sure to pay for them separately. 🙂

One Response to “Attention, Attention!! Stupidity Tax in the Baruch Cafeteria!”
  1. Kenny says:

    Oh boy! AVI is at it again! Emily, you may wish to contact Ms. Sue Irukulla regarding this pricing snafu. She manages the Baruch cafeteria and her information is in the directory.

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