Mentor for a Morning

Be very aware of the Ides of this March.  Executives on Campus (EOC), the GCMC and the SCDC hosted their annual Mentor for a Morning at the Conference Center of the Newman Vertical Campus.  Against the midtown skyline mentors and mentees spoke about career development, the work environment and the balance between life and work.

Mentees (Graduate and Under-Grad) have been matched with mentors with whom they have an affinity. We had the benefit of serious people at all rungs of the career ladder and from all corners of industry (e.g. finance, marketing, Real Estate, Entrepreneurship, Accounting, Public Relations etc).  From CEOs to start-up entrepreneurs, there was someone for everyone here.

The two mentors with whom I met were good fits and had lots to share — guidance on career path to general outlook.  The format for the morning were short 45-minute “sessions”.  The entire operation was smooth and moved like clockwork.

If you attended, share your comments below.  If you missed it, put this event in your list for next year.  Many thank yous to our mentors.  Your time, opinions (and patience) are so welcome.  Thank you.

Jimmy Abramson Horizon Bvg Co
Keith Anzel Citigroup
Allan Baer MISI
Michael Becker  Business Wire
Bob Bellhouse Milestone Management Int’l
Joseph Bonelli Senior Technology Executive
Stephen Bookbinder GreenCrest Capital LLC
Michael Boyd  Forrest Investments
Paul Cahill, Cahill Associates, Inc.
Jan Chason, Halcyon Jets Holdings, Inc.
Steven Chrust  Centripetal Capital Partners, LLC
Yoav Cohen NYC Advisors, LLC
Robert Colson  Grant Thornton
Avi Duvdevani City of New York
Jeff Eisenberg Pest Away Exterminating
Frank Faeth Financial Services
Carol Gamm The Directors Roundtable
Dov Gertzulin  DG Capital Management
Al Giaquinto Plum Builders
Seymor Goldman Seymour L. Goldman & Company LLC
Jeffrey Goldstein Thomas Industrial Network
Leslie Grand Carat
Catharine Grimes Bristol-Myers Squibb Fdtn
Hide Harashima  Premier Research Group
Vic Henschel  Consultant, IT
Marianee Hovivian  Rialto Furniture Co
Christine Ippolito Compass Workforce Solutions
Stephen Johnson  PricewaterhouseCoopers
Michael Kislin Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
Oleg Kleyman Timex
Paul Koren American Express
David Lewis KPMG
Nancy Liss, Human Resources Strategist
Janet Mangano Investment Research & Mgmt
Frank Manzi Omnicom Group
Daniel McKinney Ernst &Young
Dick Merians Home Delivery America
Geoff Milton Capital Investment Solutions
Gene Ozgar  KPMG
Jerry Rothsetein JM Dutton
Wynn Salisch Casablanca Ventures
Aaron Schechter Richard Eisner & Co
Laurie Scofield, CPA, Intrepid Sea Air & Space Musm.
Janet Sellwood Children’s Aid Society
Mark Sigona Signature Bank
Miriam Silverberg Miriam Silverberg Associates
Mordecai Soloff PricewaterhouseCoopers
Bill Southard Southard Communications
Stanley Stern Mosbacher Properties Group
Jeff Super, Consultant
Warren Tockerman Alpha Specialty Ad. Co.
Marvin Tolkin Jennifer Dale Co
Norman Vale Vale International Consultancy
Harvey Wacht Shufro, Rose & Co., LLC
Saul Waring  Waring & LaRosa Advertising
Bruce Weiser Spire Creative Group

Of course, none of this would be possible without the energy, skill and direction of Jacqueline McLoughlin from the EOC, Eugenia Liakaris from the GCMC, and Jennifer Rodgers from the SCDC, and all the staff and volunteers. You made the event a success. Thank you.

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  1. Enjoyed being there and speaking with several mentees..Baruch students and always!

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