Summer Job$mart

By Jacqueline McLoughlin, Director Executives on Campus

I hope all of you are enjoying a relaxing summer. Although campus is a little quieter, EOC is still busy as ever moving ahead in preparations for the upcoming school year. We just announced our call for mentors for our year-long mentoring programs. You will find dates below.

You will find more details on our newly launched our new website!  Be sure to regularly visit and keep up on what’s new.  The revamped site could not have happened without the marketing talent from the students in Michael Lissauer’s Park Bench Marketing Class, Luke Waltzer’s coding genius and Thomas Shomaker’s videography skills.

If you have questions or would like to contribute a news item or article to the EOC Newsletter, please email me.

It’s early but put these on your calendar so that you don’t miss them.

9/20/2011            Job$mart: Emerging Issues and Career Opportunities

10/4/2011            Job$mart: Brand Yourself for Success – Part Two

10/11/2011         Job$mart: Risk Management: The Evolution of Risk Management Functions

10/25/2011         School of Public Affairs Mentor for a Morning

11/1/2011            Job$mart: Starting a Start Up

11/10/11              Zicklin and Weissman Mentor for a Morning

11/15/2011         Job$mart: The Art of Public Speaking and Communication

12/6/2011            Job$mart: Networking: Is it Who or What You Know?

12/7/2011            EOC End of the Semester Party


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