Get Inspired to Show Yourself

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Ever checked out this blog and thought “this is pretty cool, but what could I possibly write about here?”

The GradBaruchian is always looking for content, but that is easier said than done. It would be amazing if we were able to mobilize student engagement on such hot topics as, say, the Academic Excellence Fee, by getting hundreds of Baruch students to write op-ed type pieces and submit them to the GradBaruchian, or even just have dozens of students comment on the existing blog posts on the subject. That didn’t quite seem to happen.

So, how can YOU (and by you, I mean every single student enrolled in Baruch) contribute to this blog? It is unbelievably simple and easy – just by being you!! Check out the blog from students at the London Business School – these are posts about so many different things, but lots of them are just topics such as “why did I decide to go to grad school?” and “prepping for your first term.”

I know you all have something to say. So let’s hear from you!! Get involved in the GradBaruchian by simply talking about yourself and your experience at Baruch. I am super excited to read about you, where you come from, why you are here, what you are up to, and where you see yourself going.

Looking forward to getting to know you!!

One Response to “Get Inspired to Show Yourself”
  1. Emily Rotella says:

    Commenting on my own blog post, but that is OK! 🙂

    Check out this blog about kids encouraging kids to blog – now let’s follow their lead and encourage all our Baruch friends to get their butts onto this blog to post and comment, to discuss and to teach, to listen and learn, and to make change at the college!

    Kids Motivating Other Kids to Blog! « About a Teacher

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