GSA Board Interviews

Tonight the GSA met and held interviews for the 4 vacant positions on the Board.  The volume of interest is much more than GSA has encountered within memory.  Leon Fischman, President, scheduled 16 who expressed interest!  7 of those showed and explained their qualifications for the open positions.  Additionally the Board accommodated two walk-ins.   There will be a total of 9 upon whom the GSA will vote next Tuesday.  2 of which are SPA students.

Voting will take place as the second order business at the next GSA meeting, Tuesday 27th at 9 pm.  In order to provide fairness and transparency, current Board Members will complete ballots with the names of those who interviewed.  Each Board member will place their four votes upon their ballot and deliver it without their name to the Secretary, Siluvai Goerge.  He will tally the votes and the 4 interviewees with the most votes shall then be installed to the Board.

The Secretary will then enter the anonymous ballots into the minutes for all stakeholders to examine.

2 Responses to “GSA Board Interviews”
  1. Emily Rotella says:

    Just a quick note from the past: In the last 3 years of my memory, there has been approximately the same number of people who express interest and those who show at the ad-hoc elections at the beginning of the year. Around 20 express interest and we expect about half of those to come to interviews.

  2. I enjoyed interviewing for the VP position on the GSA board.

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