Friedman LLP: Top Questions You Always Wanted To Ask Your Recruiter

by Emily McMillen, MBA, Accounting, 2012

Monday Evening, Friedman LLP joined Zicklin students for a workshop about all of those questions you have wanted to ask your recruiter, but didn’t think it was appropriate to ask. This event was hosted by Baruch Beta Alpha Psi and co-sponsored by Ascend, The Accounting Society, Cents Ability, Delta Sigma Pi, and Golden Key Honor Society.

The presentation was given by Lindsay Edelson, a Recruiter and Human Resources Generalist at Friedman LLP. Throughout the presentation, Lindsay opened up the opportunity for Zicklin students to ask those questions that are certainly taboo in the recruitment process if she hadn’t addressed them herself. Here are some of the topics that were presented:

Money – This is one question that should probably not be asked while you are looking for an internship or entry-level position. However, there are industry norms that you can be aware of. 10 years ago there used to be a large salary gap between mid-sized firms and the big 4. Now the gap has closed significantly to where you can choose whether or not you prefer mid-sized or big 4 firms and you don’t have to worry about significant differences in you income. You can go where you will be happy. As long as you perform well and work hard, you will see the benefits in your pay increases.

Recruiting Process – Not as taboo a topic, but certainly important. Lindsay addressed when in your academic career you should start looking for certain positions, as well as the importance of proper networking and a well tailored resume. Networking and a resume free of mistakes and formatted consistently will help you make it into the “to be interviewed” pile. She reminded everyone of the importance of thank you notes and the best way to follow up with your recruiter.

Selecting Firms – As Lindsay put it, “selecting a firm is like dating,” you want to be able to spend your day with them and you want them to want you. Not only will you be happier, but it will also provide a better environment to learn and develop your career.

First and Second Round Interviews – This section addressed questions such as “how many positions do you have available” and “how do I know if I was top choice or bottom of the barrel.” Lindsay’s best advice was it’s good to be comfortable in your interview, but don’t be too comfortable, you should always wear a suit, and if you are taken out to lunch don’t get the burger or the most expensive thing on the menu.

Internships – How do you know if it is productive instead of just filing? ASK! No matter what firm, that question is a good one. While at the internship always ask if there is something you can do, it will get you noticed and most likely a full time offer. Whether you choose to accept the offer is up to you.

Lindsay’s presentation was a very valuable resource for Zicklin students. She provided great tools for students to think about throughout the recruitment process and their college careers.

About Friedman LLP: Friedman LLP is a mid-size accounting firm providing audit, tax, and business consulting services to both private and public companies. They currently have about 350 employees in 6 offices throughout New York and New Jersey and another office in Beijing, China. They have been honored with many distinctions including Crains best places to work in NYC, and NJbiz’s best places to work in New Jersey.

The deadline to apply for Friedman LLP’s staff accountant position is October 3rd. The position is open to anyone with 120 credits or higher.

For more information about Friedman LLP, please see their website at

For more information about Baruch Beta Alpha Psi check out their website at

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