Weekly GSA Newsletter – Dec 19th


Your weekly GSA newsletter.

Week 15! Final(s) Week of The Semester

Good Luck and Happy Holidays!!!

Header image courtesy of Baruch College.
News . . .
Baruch College’s Financial Aid Office is now on Facebook and Twitter! Join for up to the minute posts and resources relating to financial aid.
Great (and free) tunes are now on offer at the Graduate Baruchian. Check the main page for playlists via Spotify created by your fellow students.
Got a team project and need raw data?
Send your survey link (e.g. survey monkey, qualtrics, etc) to the Graduate Baruchian. We have a new Survey Point page just for surveys by Baruch grad students and affiliates. Now you can reach beyond your network and get great data for your project.
Develop and keep your edge with our essential reads via the @gradbaruchian Twitter feed. Follow us and sip from the firehose articles.
Overwhelmed by all the events on campus. Watch the google event calendar on the GCMC.

Upcoming Events . . .

December 20 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm NVC 1-107

Zumba Class

Dance out your stress with an invigorating zumba class! Sneakers and workout clothes recommended, but not required.

December 21 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm NVC 1-107


Get in on the new exercise craze. Tone up your muscles while rocking out to pop music. Sneakers and workout clothes recommended, but not required.

December 21 11:30 am – 1:00 pm NVC 2nd Floor Lobby

Free Professional Massage

Get in line early to de-stress before your big exam

Got news? or an event to publicize? Share it with us. Send the GSA VP, Varatha Vengadesan an e-mail with your events and details. It will be in the next weekly newsletter.

Got Talent? The header image (and more!) of this e-mail is a showcase for you to show off your art or imagery. Send your artwork and we will put it in header for all to see with your name.
Pick of The Week
Finally, Fall Finals Are Finished!
December 22 6:00 pm – December 23 2:00 am
Arctica Bar, 384 3rd Avenue Between 27th & 28th St.
When the Fall finals are finally finished, it’s time to celebrate with a few drinks. Be sure to join the Baruch Graduate Social for drink to celebrate the end of yet another semester. Let loose with extended happy hour specials.
Alumni and guests welcome! RSVP here.

GSA News

In order to encourage Weissman/SPA students to bring forth issues that they have with their respective schools and to participate more in the governance of the college and co-curricular organizations, the GSA has created the position of Weissman/SPA Liaison. For information about initiatives being undertaken or to express a concern or opinion please email Justin Simmons (MPA, 2013).

Follow the GSA on Facebook. Come to the next meeting on Tuesday, Jan 31st. Contact Leon Fischman, President, to be sure you are on the agenda.

The independent voice for graduate students at Baruch. Subscribe now and stay informed. Build your on-line presence with a post. “If I am not for myself, who will be? And if I am only for myself, what am I? And if not now, when?” -Hillel

Can you feel the shadow of your future? Looking for a new position, a change in your career or just better interviewing skills? Explore what the GCMC has to offer and setup appointments today!
The clock is ticking. Your job search\career change will take time. Take charge today.

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