MiniDates — Coming to a Smartphone Near You

You may have noticed a new link to a survey about MiniDates on SurveyPoint.  It’s an exciting new app and a fellow Baruchian is on the front lines of its roll-out.  Here’s what he has to say and be sure to fill out the survey.

by Herry Pierre-Louis, MS Computer Information Systems 2013 (expected)

This survey will help us gain a better understanding of our core target market and essentially help us create a product that will have a positive impact on people’s lives.  It’s one of the things that I have worked on at Oxford Technology Ventures LLC over the past year.  The firm is a user-experience and usability-testing consultant in NYC.  MiniDates is a fun, yet challenging, mobile application project.  We think it will change the way people approach online dating. The preemptive planning that went into creating this app was tremendous and our market research spans months and months. Moving forward the main challenges in creating this application are understanding what the public wants, analyzing what is currently available and determining how we could offer a better solution.

The beta version should be available in the coming months.  People who fill out the survey and choose to provide their email address will get direct access to the beta version.  The exact date of when the beta will be live is up in the air. Stay tuned. It will be early next year.

The first semester of  graduate computer information courses here at the Zicklin School of Business has gave me a better understanding of both the management and the technical sides of working on software applications. This knowledge has allowed me to have a positive contribution to the implementation of this application. I believe that furthering my education at Baruch will only help amplify my impact on my company’s software development projects.



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