G Day -9 weeks

Awesome Team 5!

This week marks graduation minus 9 weeks to go.

I squarely completed the participate-in-a-case-competition task this week.  Shirley Kuo, Severine Perrin, Moheeta Tamrakar and I poured over the Aspen Business Case (WalMart de Mexico & Renewable Power) this past weekend.  The case was released on Friday morning and by the following Monday at 9 am we submitted our case analysis.  Was this the highest and most  productive use of a beautiful weekend? Ask me that next week when I’m not in a severe sleep-deprived state.

Five teams from Zicklin made their case to 3 judges (one faculty and two alumnae) on Thursday evening.  In my humble opinion, we had a convincing analysis and most certainly the most awesome presentation.  Alas, the judges selected a different team to continue on to round 2 against 24 other schools.  Best of luck to Sonam Chawla, Evelyn Garnier, Anthony Vittorino, and Nikolay Yamakawa.


Send in Commencement Info

Connect with > ?? more Zicklineers over beer

Create a legacy program

Check out the Subotnick Center

Now that life is back to super crazy from out-of-control, I can get the rest of my projects completed.  Commencement sign-up is done.

After some introspection this week, I’m throwing in the towel regarding a legacy.  Everyone I spoke to liked the idea of an endowed gift for excellence in communication.  Frank Fletcher informed me that something very similar existed for the honors program.  It was funded from their assessment.  With all students now paying the assessment (i.e. academic excellence fee), that honors award for communication will no longer be.  What a perfect fit to transition to the endowed program!

NVC at Night

Honestly though, the grit, persistence and nerve I need to hound the necessary people  has evaporated.   I’m not sure what I was thinking.  I’ve seen too many classmates who are much stronger, gifted and savvy than me become embittered.  I’m punting this one to future years.  Hey folks, there’s a 126K+ of grad-student money locked up.  Putting it to productive use will take a serious long-term effort.

So . . . next week on to the  Subotnick Center.  Can’t believe I’ve never been in there.


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