The Auditing Dilemma of Chinese Companies

The Auditing Dilemma of Chinese Companies by: Michael Wander Seizure of property through physical threats!?  No, it’s not a street mugging!  It’s a $2.4 billion publicly traded company on the NYSE having a spat with their auditor, Deloitte, who happens to have 182,000 employees and revenue of almost $30 billion[1].  Whoever said audit was boring … Continue reading

Conversation with an International Student #1: Mumbai, India

Investing in American Education So I had this conversation with a friend of mine, an international student from Mumbai.  He wasn’t too keen on speaking for the vast majority of Indian students at Baruch, so I’ve changed his name here. IndianStudent01:  Here’s the problem I see with the international students: they have no stake. Jeremy: … Continue reading