Use RSS to track your favorite blog

There many ways to use RSS (really simple syndication).  The way I use it is through my igoogle page.  This page serves as a portal from which to quick track the blogs and pages that I regularly watch.

So the next question you ask is how.  That is the very same query one of the fabulous contributors asked at the Graduate Baruchian meeting tonight at the Hairy Monk.  You can use RSS to track this very blog.  Here’s how.

This example will use igoogle, but the process is very similar for whatever application you use.

Click on the “add stuff” link on the upper right hand corner.  A new page will come up that has lots of things to add.  You can go crazy here,  so be careful.  I actually recommend having several different pages that segregate your business items from your guilty-pleasures side.

Click on the add feed or gadget link.  Put (or your second favorite site) here.  Voila!  You will see the most recent posts on your page.  Have fun and let us know how it worked out.


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