Credit Suisse: A Look at Careers in Financial Information Systems

By Beidi Sabrina Ma (MS Statistics ’14) As a graduate student who has a background in information technology, having Credit Suisse visit Baruch’s Subotnick Financial Services Center (SFSC) on October 17, 2013 was a terrific experience. The event they joined was a collaboration between Credit Suisse and Baruch’s Zicklin Graduate Career Management Center and Starr … Continue reading

The Countdown

For those of keeping track at home, it’s almost time . . . for graduation that is.  That’s right  the end game is near.  For those of us wrapping up our programs, the deadline to apply for graduation is this Friday, March 9th.  Your weary correspondent turned his application in last week. ChecklistMeet with GCMC … Continue reading

Move to Google+ in 3 Easy Steps and Simplify Your Social Network

You’ve heard about Google+ and you fall into two camps.  1) Yawn or 2) It’s about time.  There is, of course, another camp. . . what’s Google+?  What’s a netizen to do?  With this post we will help you analyze whether you should shift\adopt Google+ and how to make the migration from Facebook. Let use … Continue reading

Super-charge Your Business Card

A recent post on the HBR blog, The Business Card Is Dead, Long Live the Business Card, got me to thinking. Too much thinking often leads one down paths better not taken. However, against my better judgement, I will share this particular dark and scary path.  Brace yourself. Double doogie drat is what I said … Continue reading

Klout 73: Charlie Sheen 93

 Do you have a twitter account? Do you have a facebook account? Chances are, you’ve probably answered yes to both. But the real question is, do you know your klout score?   Klout is the standard for influence which uses your facebook and twitter accounts to measure the influence you have in the realm of social media, … Continue reading

The 7 Wonders of Google

Oh the Places You Will Go With Google! Countless times I’ve gone on Google to look up a legit piece of information as my trusty source and I’ve trailed off into the black hole of the internet looking up silly videos or information, often forgetting what it was I was looking up in the first … Continue reading

How to Survive Registration

post by Sunpyo Hong Click, click, submit…. Error on page? Prerequisites not met? A ‘Hold’ on your account? Will I ever be able to register? I love the feeling of submitting my classes for the new semester. Excitement for what’s to come as well as a blank slate. But usually those feelings are overwhelmed by … Continue reading

Use RSS to track your favorite blog

There many ways to use RSS (really simple syndication).  The way I use it is through my igoogle page.  This page serves as a portal from which to quick track the blogs and pages that I regularly watch. So the next question you ask is how.  That is the very same query one of the … Continue reading

The Tech Corner – an introduction

Welcome to the Tech Corner! Find out what this blog is all about and some background on the author. Also, read the first post on how to effectively use hyperlinks.