Trade Like a Pro

by Helen Serebin

As the inaugural post in a series for the Baruch Bucket list, we would like to draw your attention to one of the many jewels at Baruch — the Wasserman Trading Floor at the Subotnick Center.  You can do more than admire.  Get in to the action!!.

The Wasserman trading floor is – in a word – nifty.  (We all know this important factoid right?: Wall Street folks who were dispossessed from their office after 9/11 came to Baruch to trade.)  Take the Reuters and Bloomberg workshops and learn how the financial databases work.  Unless you work at a financial services firm, you can’t get access to these.  (NYPL SIBL has only Bloomberg, not Reuters).  Eat your heart out Columbia and Stern (and Wharton and Harvard!).  Only open to Baruch students!  Don’t miss your chance.  Sign up, get training and discover what you’ve been missing.

Check out the schedule here and do it!


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