Event Planning

Thursday – Start the weekend right and early by heading down to the San Gennaro Festival in Little Italy. This definite crowd pleaser will have all your senses screaming for more. Arrivederci…..

Friday – For a classic bohemian date night, start by heading over to the Angelika Film Center on Houston. The 7:40 showing of Howl, the new film starring James Franco as Allen Ginsberg is followed by a Q & A with Bob Rosenthal, Allen’s secretary for more than 30 years, and the film’s director Peter Hale. Finish off the night right with sandwiches at Peanut Butter & Co on Sullivan Street.

Saturday – One film that I cant wait to see, which opens this weekend, is 23 years in the making. The reemergence of Gordon Gekko in “Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps”. While I doubt it will be as memorable as the first, I think it will prove to be quite enjoyable. I also suggest you check out the museum’s around the city. Most have early weekday closings so weekends are primo dates for your artistic itch to be scratched. Some favs include, The Guggenheim, The Frick and MOMA…

Sunday – While cold winds do lurk around the corner, the weather should prove perfect on Sunday. Go for a walk around any of the cities great barrios. Meatpacking district, Financial district, Prospect Park, you name it and you will have a great time. If Boardwalk Empire or the Jets v Dolphins doesnt excite you,  head over to the East River for Outdoor Movie Night at the Habana Outpost in Fort Greene. This week’s free movie choice is The Last Dragon starring the Sho’nuf himself…

Monday – Tired of getting all glammed up for a night at the club only to find a “Jersey Shore” audition??? Skip the BNT crowd and party on the true club party night of the week. Go to the best Monday party in NYC at Club Cielo’s Deep Space, presided by resident Francois K…


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