The Aspen Institute Comes to New York

Buttress your studies with this upcoming event.  At $25 it’s an unbelievable bargain.  NYU Stern & the Aspen Institute will host an evening of programming on Tuesday, October 26th before the Business and Society Forum on Wednesday.   You can hear from Daniel Kahneman, Nobel Prize laureate; William McNabb, CEO of Vanguard Group; and Robert Thurman, buddhist scholar and student of the Dalai Lama.  They will discuss what success means and how we measure it.

You’re invited. For those of you buried in  your books, the Aspen Institute hosts the most talked about and interesting forums anywhere.  The Ideas Festival in its namesake city hosts such leaders and luminaries as Bharat Balassubramanian, David Brooks, Barbara Ehrenreich, Bill Gates, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Alan Greenspan, Ariana Huffington, Craig Newmark (who came to Baruch too), Sandra Day O’Connor, Peter Orzag, Jeffrey Pfeffer, and one my favorites, WNYC’s Brian Lehrer. And so many, many more.

The forum is coming here.  Take a break for the evening session and sign up here. You’re not off the hook just yet.  Tell us the impact it made on your view of the world.


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