Celebaruchities! Post 1: Mathew LePere

Name: Mathew LePere

Years at Baruch: 5

Life Before Baruch: Worked at Sanford Bernstein

Education: Cornell University Hotel School

Position: Associate Director Oganization(s): The Robert Zicklin Center for Corporate Integrity, Associate Director, Baruch College Task Force on Sustainability, Associate Chair.

The Skinny: I met Mathew LePere two weeks ago for a coffee on my day off. You may have seen LePere around campus, he’s a popular guy, always willing to exchange greetings with a passing student or fellow administrator. If you’ve ever been to a Sustainability Task Force meeting, then you’ve definitely met him. But LePere has a serious job at Baruch, as a director for the Robert Zicklin Center for Corporate Integrity, he organizes events on Baruch campus, heavily attended by corporate executives, college professors, students, even members of the media. The center holds many events throughout the year, all filled to the rafters, and LePere oversees the day to day operations of the center’s activities.

But LePere has other concerns beside business ethics, he helps run the Sustainability Task Force, created by Bloomberg’s green mandate established in 2008.  The Sustainability Task Force has run a number of case competitions, and made real strides in getting Baruch College into the Greenstream. When asked why LePere joined this group, he stated simply, “My kids. I want to see that they’re future needs are provided for.” To LePere, that means providing a clean and sustainable environment for his family.

But lest you think LePere is all business, when asked about his hobbies, I learned that he’s a huge fan of fantasy football. What’s his favorite team this season? That’s right, the New York Giants.

Interested in receiving invitations to Robert Zicklin Center for Corporate Integrity events? E-mail LePere at matthew.lepere@baruch.cuny.edu


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