The Future is Now for Sustainable Business at Baruch!

By Emily Rotella

The Zicklin School of Business Management Department has decided to ride the wave of the future and has developed a Sustainable Business major. As far as I understand it, this is being pitched as a second major for “students who wish to add a sustainability skill set to their traditional discipline (accounting, finance, marketing, etc.)”.

This is a great start to catching Zicklin up to many other schools in the country (especially home-town favorites Columbia and NYU) in recognizing that Sustainability is good for business. As many students at Baruch already know, sustainable business practices lower costs in the long-term, add to a company’s worth in goodwill, make for excellent PR, and (on a macro level) help build a healthier business and consumer environment that ultimately leads to more responsible production, consumption, and profit. Plus, having a set of Sustainability skills to list on your resume is a huge advantage when applying for jobs at companies that list Corporate Social Responsibility among their values. Let’s be honest, most companies are compelled to do this now just to stay on level with their competitors. So, are you interested in checking out Sustainable Business as a possible second major? How about just taking a few courses offered in this area?

Personally, I’ve already taken MGT 9969: Social Entrepreneurship and MGT 9970: Entrepreneurship and Community Development. Both were excellent classes that I would recommend to my fellow classmates. And by the way, another great thing about this major is the opportunity to take classes in the School of Public Affairs, which allows for a diversification of knowledge that could be valuable to anyone in the MBA program.

Check out the new major here, then leave a comment to let us all know what is good and what can still be added to this major: Management/Sustainable Business — Zicklin School Of Business – Baruch College – CUNY

One Response to “The Future is Now for Sustainable Business at Baruch!”
  1. Lemuel Morrison says:

    The first step of many. Sustainability will need to be an integral component of every class. Less of a goal than a process and outlook. Tell us more.

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