Daycare Center on the 3rd Floor

Daycare Center on the 3rd Floor


Finals week is coming up soon and we’re all about to spend most of our waking moments at the library when we’re not at work. Of course the library has rules, but who’s to say that we all follow them? I’m sure we can all say we’ve occasionally snuck in water, coffee, food or even alcohol (I’ve found beer caps on the computer desks…). Who can survive finals week without coffee??! (Or alcohol). And a lot of us talk on our phones amongst several people studying in the cubes on the computers. But if you go up just one more floor and enter the jungle, the library transforms


from this…


 to this…  







“Welcome to the jungle

It gets worse here everyday

You learn to live like an animal

In the jungle where we play…”


Last semester I was even fortunate enough to witness some undergrads tossing a blue rubber bouncy ball to each other on the 3rd floor right next to me, where, as absurd as it may sound, I was trying to study. (Shocking, I know). I’m sure they were busy studying physics or something. If it couldn’t get worse they were talking as if their friends were 30 feet away. The library suddenly turns into a daycare center during finals week as “cribs” start to pop up, like mini Baruch campgrounds while students doze off in the cribs they built by putting two chairs together to make a cozy, comfortable bed. Good for you hobos, now go home and sleep. I mean, study. But wait, there’s more! Next time you see someone sleeping in said crib and having brought their own soft blanket or sheet, be sure to stick a pacifier in their mouths. Make them feel right at home.








Then again, if the library switched out all the chairs for ones like these, it wouldn’t be so bad…but how comfortable can these really be??

Hey, did anyone notice the nasty stench in the library last summer during finals week in the 95° weather? It stings the nostrils…

 Sometime, this is what I feel like doing to babies in the library. I mean,  undergrads.

Be sure to check back later this week for an actually intelligent article. 


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