Welcome Back! Spring ’11 Semester

Welcome back to Baruch everyone! New students and current, get ready for another hectic and exciting semester. There’s no better way to get the semester back in gear than attending the Baruch Graduate Social Meet ‘n’ Greet tonight at Solas. Come and meet new students and catch up with old ones over a drink and good music. The long holiday break is over–now get your butts off the couch or get out of the mundane work schedule and come out for a good time with great company–hurry, before the semester owns you! Baruch Graduate Socials never fail. Show face and come out–network, mingle, make new friends, whatever makes you happy. Hope to see you all tonight!

Follow Baruch Graduate Social on FaceBook for updates and upcoming events, and look out for our occasional e-mails for reminders. We aim to connect with your colleagues in a social setting and to build your relationships in school and in life. Get to know other Baruch students before classes start. You never know who you’ll meet and what friendships will be made. You can never meet enough people or make enough friends. Put yourself out there–you have nothing to lose!

One Response to “Welcome Back! Spring ’11 Semester”
  1. Funkster says:

    And this is the website for the Baruch Graduate Social page — ! http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=26804645#!/Baruchsocial

    Don’t mind the “2010” in the title. Mark Zuckerberg won’t let us change it but we’re working on it!!!

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