GSA/Alumni Wine Tasting Event – Spring 2011

by Leon Fischman

Come celebrate Baruch’s alumni and students at this second bi-annual event on April 14th, 2011. Enjoy a lovely late-winter Midtown skyline view from the 14th floor of the Newman Vertical Campus with complimentary food and drinks. There will be something for everyone through this evening. Early arrivals will be treated to a tasting of six different wines with a talk on the wines, principles of taste and terroir.  Hone your palate and see if you can classify the wines by taste alone.  Compare notes with fellow participants and see if you can apply the evening’s lesson to the product in your hand. Come and mingle. Meet some new people and reconnect with some familiar faces.

Be sure to register. It’s required.  It helps the GSA plan the event and ensure the appropriate amount of “test” material.

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