Graduate Arts Association

It is a privilege and an honor to announce the creation of  a new organization on campus called the Graduate Arts Association (GAA).  It is a venue for all graduate students and staff sponsors interested in using the arts as a vehicle for expression, promotion, and advocacy to contact us immediately.  The GAA welcomes graduate students, faculty and alumnus to the BPAC – Rehearsal Studio, VC-B3-130 for our inaugural meeting on Tuesday, March 29th at 8:30pm.   See our Facebook page for more information.

GAA encourages school and community-based relationship building, and supports the creative endeavors of multi-disciplinary performance-related art as a medium for positive change and conscious transformation.  We hope to inspire awareness of the arts on campus and we wish to have a wide range of graduate representatives integrally involved in this collaborative process.

Please contact fellow MPA student and President of GAA, Daniel Seda, if you or anyone you know is interested in the Graduate Arts Association at the information listed below.  Please be advised that anyone, regardless of skill level or expertise, who has a passion and commitment for the arts, is encouraged to become a member of this open and inclusive club.  We value the input and participation of a variety of artistic disciplines and have roles within the organization for a number of students who desire to see progressive change at Baruch and beyond.  GAA is dedicated to fostering full collaboration with teachers, staff, students, and school organizations in an effort to develop a sustainable, long-lasting presence at Baruch.

Dan Seda:

One Response to “Graduate Arts Association”
  1. Dan: I am very pleased to see this effort start. Baruch is diverse not only in ethnicities and nationalities, but also in the wide breadth of industries from which our students hail. There are many students who come from the Arts seeking graduate degrees in Business and Public Affairs. More than offering an outlet for graduate students with Arts backgrounds, I see this effort offering much more to those who don’t have a Arts in their lives. A recent piece in the Economist speaks directly to this point:
    “Studying the arts can help businesspeople communicate more eloquently. Most bosses spend a huge amount of time “messaging” and “reaching out”, yet few are much good at it. Their prose is larded with clichés and garbled with gobbledegook.”

    I will encourage all my fellow b-schoolers include your Arts endeavor as part of their “business” education.

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