Baruch Gems — MGT9870

Last Day of Class for Tulimieri's MGT 9870 Spring 2011

by Séverine PERRIN — MBA HR Management – Baruch College/IAE Lyon

In a recent discussion, Sev said that her current class MGT9870 was one of her favorite courses here at Baruch. The content was useful and the professor impressed her. In a new effort to share what makes Baruch great, she has graciously offered to pen the inaugural “Baruch Gems”  in her native tongue and English.

    version originale      English version 
Lorsque vous franchissez le pas de la salle de classe, vous embarquez pour une destination inconnue. A bord, le commandant, Professeur Tulimieri vous accueillera jovialement levant le mystère sur la finalité du voyage. Au cours du vol, vous  découvrirez le profil du pays d’arrivée soulignant les caractéristiques suivantes : la culture, les conditions socio-économiques, financières, environnementales…. Vous apprendrez aussi quelles solutions s’offrent à vous si vous faîtes un jour le choix d’implanter votre entreprise à l’étranger ou encore les connaissances nécessaires liées au management et commerce international telles que votre aptitude à négocier, vivre en tant qu’expatrié…Durant votre vol, vous serez maintenu éveillé par les récits palpitants du commandant de bord, qui aura le plaisir de vous conter quelque unes de ses plus grandes aventures.

Soyez prêts a embarquer, un voyage hors du commun vous attend en classe MGT 9870.

Once you take the plunge in the classroom, you are bound to destinations unknown. Once aboard the captain, Professor Tulimieri, will heartily welcome you and dispel the mysterious end of the trip. During the flight, you will discover an extended profile of the country emphasizing the following points: socio-economic conditions, culture, financial stability, and environmental issues…  Additionally, you will learn what is necessary for setting and conducting a business in this foreign country as well as a basic knowledge in international management and trade such as: negotiations skills and the experience of living as an expatriate.Throughout the flight, you will be kept awake by the exciting stories of the captain, who will share some of his adventures.

Be ready to board, an unbelievable trip is awaiting for you in class MGT 9870 .

Professor Philip Tulimieri and a Student

Professor Tulimieri has over 30 years of experience as a business executive and as a partner at Deloitte in the United States. He is an experienced international lawyer who has led numerous cross border due diligence exercises both pre- and post acquisition. He holds a Juris Doctor from Union University and he is a retired officer from the US Army.  You will find articles he co-wrote with Moshe Banai in the MIT Sloan Management Review and in the WSJ.

When Prof. Tulimieri is not whisking students off to far-flung places, he writes science fiction . . . for children.  Intrigued? He will be teaching (non-fiction) MGT 9330 and MGT 9870 in the fall.  Sign up now and bring your passport.

Did a you take a class that enjoyed or took you places?  Don’t keep it a secret.  Let the Baruch community know the Gems that had an impact on you.

One Response to “Baruch Gems — MGT9870”
  1. Moheeta says:

    Great analogy Sev. Too bad his class does not fit my schedule for next semester.. I would have loved to take MGT 9870 with him.

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