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Networking Social this Thursday NVC 14-220

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News . . .

A student lounge open to ALL graduate students is now open on the third floor — NVC 3257. It’s stark and needs a warm touch.  Send comments and contributions to the GSA.

There are open positions on the GSA.  Contact Leon Fischman if you are interested in serving your fellow graduate students, influencing the institution and building your leadership skills.

Overwhelmed by all the events on campus.  Watch the google event calendar on the GCMC.

Upcoming Events . . .

September 13th, 5:30-7 pm 151 E 25th Rm 750 (Newman Library)

The NIRI-NY chapter, in partnership with the Robert Zicklin Center for Corporate Integrity at Baruch College, invites you to participate in our September kick-off program assessing Dodd-Frank’s accomplishments in year one.  We’ll discuss what has been implemented to date, which aspects of the bill are facing headwinds, and which areas are gaining momentum.

This seminar was created by the Robert Zicklin Center for Corporate Integrity

September 14th, Wednesday 9-10 pm: Hairy Monk

Come meet the other editors and contributors to the blog over a few cold ones at our “executive conference room” at the Hairy Monk.  The blog is a unique opportunity to make your voice heard, to get yourself noticed and to hone your writing.  Contribute your experience and opinions.  Here are some sample topics: Write in your native tongue and english to show off how diverse and international Baruch is; Write about a class or professor who influenced you or an instructor who shouldn’t be; Opine about the graduate experience; Share and compare your favorite watering holes; Expose what’s wrong at Baruch.

To paraphrase (with a boost) the words of the inimitable philosopher Bruce, Bust outta class, get away from those fools and come learn more from a 3-minute song (and from the bottom of glass) than you will ever learn from school.

September 15th, 8 am: 151 E 25th Rm 750 (Newman Library)

The Baruch Index of Corporate Political Disclosure was created by the Robert Zicklin Center for Corporate Integrity to ensure accountability now that corporations have this political freedom of speech. The Baruch Index highlights those corporations that are transparent about their policies, practices, and giving, and shines a light on those that are not.

September 15th, 7:30-10 pm NVC 14-220
GSA Social
September 20th, 1-2 pm: VC 14-245 EOC Job$mart Career Hour 

Baruch-Executives on Campus’ Job$mart Career Hour Program along with the Baruch Accounting Society will be hosting two HSBC executives, Mark Martinelli, C.P.A., Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Auditor, HSBC North America Holdings Inc., Chief Auditor, HSBC Bank USA, N.A. and Patrick A. Cozza, Senior Executive Vice President,HSBC InsuranceCEO and Regional HeadHSBC Insurance North America.

EOC Website:

September 20th, 5:30-7 pm 151 E 25th Rm 750 (Newman Library)

Join our panel of experts, Jon Dickinson, Bruce Kahn, David Kooris & Chris Zeppie, to review the current state of climate change research and preparation in NYC and other urban centers. We will explore the issues of infrastructure, environmental and economic changes, and discuss tools to develop adaptation strategies and recommendations on how to achieve an effective climate resilience program.

Got news? or an event to publicize. Share it with us.   Send Lem Morrison an e-mail with your events and details.  It will be in the next weekly newsletter.

Got Talent?  The header image (and more!) of this e-mail is a showcase for you to show off your art or imagery.  Send your artwork and we will put it in header for all to see with your name.

Pick of the Week

GSA Social

NVC 14-220 Thurs 7:30-10pm

Come enjoy light food with some beer and wine with your fellow grad students.  It’s important to stop by and add your opinion about what to do with the Academic Excellence Fee.

You will need BOTH your CUNY ID and your state-issued ID.

Follow the GSA onFacebook. Come to the next meeting on Tuesday, Sept 13th. Contact Leon Fischman, President, to be sure you are on the agenda.

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Can you feel the shadow of your future? Looking for a new position, a change in your career or just better interviewing skills?  Explore what the GCMC has to offer and setup appointments today!

The clock is ticking. Your job search \ career change will take time. Take charge today.

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