When I’m 64: A Business Version of Tuesdays with Morrie

When I’m 64:  A Business Version of Tuesdays with Morrie

By Danielle V Hemsley, MS Statistics Candidate

Mavin Tolkin’s book, When I’m 64 Planning for the Best of Your Life is an easy read full of Tolkin’s real life stories.

Marvin owned the Women’s Lingerie company, Jennifer Dale which was sold at major retailers such as Sears & Macys.  Tolkin’s business plan focused on following and marketing to the baby boomers. He walks us through how he overcame set backs and failures.  He also shares his successes.  In an effort to help readers develop self-awareness and resilience, Marvin describes how he was thinking and feeling psychologically during the time of each story and journey he tells us about.

Breakfast with Marvin Tolkin

Marvin has many brilliant concepts of how to make money and plan for your financial future.  My favorite concept of his was “Marrying Time to Money.”  Marrying time to money is about spending time doing things that you enjoy doing.  Because if they pay off they were worth it and if they don’t pay off, you had a good time doing them.  One of Marvin’s simple examples of this concept was building a stamp collection with his son.  They enjoyed the time they spent doing so, and in the end they profited from their investments.

When I’m 64 is a business version of Tuesdays With Morrie.  Like Morrie, Marvin is full of wisdom.  I also have had the pleasure of hearing Marvin’s stories live over breakfast on a regular basis.  My version of Tuesdays with Morrie is Breakfast with Marvin.

Marvin Tolkin is one of the wonderful mentors for the EOC (Executives on Campus) mentoring program here at Baruch College.   To meet people full of wisdom and insight like Marvin, check out an EOC event.

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