Integrity in the arena

Ethics at Baruch

By Bhavin Patel I recently attended an on-campus panel, titled ‘Ethics in Financial Services’. The experience left me with a renewed optimism about the industry that many argue has lost its way. Each of the featured guests had current insights related to the demands on ethical systems and managers, as well as the recent west … Continue reading

International Women’s Day 2013

By  Alex Vilchynskaya To celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day graduate student club Zicklin Women in Business welcomed students and guests to its 4th Annual IWD Luncheon event at Baruch College. The topic of this year’s luncheon was “Pathways to success (through the glass ceiling?)”. As it already became a tradition, graduate students gathered at … Continue reading

Diversify Your MentorS

A mentor is someone who offers guidance and professional advice for your career path.  At Baruch we are constantly told that one of the keys to success is to have a mentor.  The more I attend events and do informational interviews with people who have successful careers, I hear about the importance of having multiple … Continue reading

J. McLoughlin: A First Class Baruch Gem

By Danielle V Hemsley MS Statistics Candidate “I love to meet mentors and hear why they want to give back and be mentors,” said J. McLoughlin in an interview about the Baruch Executives on Campus (EOC) program. In addition to being a School of Public Affairs graduate student at Baruch, J. McLoughlin also served as … Continue reading

Dresszing for Success

by Danielle V Hemsley, MS Statistics Candidate At the most interactive EOC Job$mart Career Hour I have been to, Susan Sommers founder of Dresszing presented on Presence, Protocol, and Presentation, where she shared her suggestions on how to dress for success.  The workshop was held on April 17, 2012.  Susan began the workshop by rhythmically … Continue reading

Going Global

Full House for Job$mart

By Danielle V Hemsley MS Statistics Candidate Geoffrey Milton, Partner at C.I.S. (Capital Investment Solutions) LLC, enlightened students with stories of his decades of global experience in international banking at the last Executives on Campus (EOC) Job$mart event.  Milton shared his knowledge and expertise on emerging markets as he spoke on the topic of Global … Continue reading

When I’m 64: A Business Version of Tuesdays with Morrie

When I’m 64:  A Business Version of Tuesdays with Morrie By Danielle V Hemsley, MS Statistics Candidate Mavin Tolkin’s book, When I’m 64 Planning for the Best of Your Life is an easy read full of Tolkin’s real life stories. Marvin owned the Women’s Lingerie company, Jennifer Dale which was sold at major retailers such … Continue reading

“Getting a Job: What HR Wants from You”

On Tuesday afternoon, eager undergraduate and graduate students gathered to get some very valuable information and insights from two experienced professionals in the field on how to nail those job interviews. The event was sponsored by Executives on Campus, Job$mart, and provided for some very practical and invaluable information that will not be found in … Continue reading

Zicklin Leadership Series — Bruce Ratner

by Lemuel Morrison & Tex Morgan On May 4th the speaker series started with an introduction by Frank Fletcher  for Mr. Ratner.  He is the CEO and Chairman of Forest City Ratner Companies (FCRC) and has led the firm as a prominent developer of urban real estate.   He is recognized beyond his firm with a … Continue reading

EOC: Brand Yourself

Diane Baranello, from Coaching for Distinction, graciously spoke to Zicklin students on a April 5th.  The Executives on Campus (EOC) program hosted the event for grads and undergrads. Ms. Baranello started with a simple question: Who has a brand? . . .  It’s a trick question.   Every single one of us has a brand, and … Continue reading