Tried and True Career Success

Left to Right: Matthew Capala, George Urumpipara, Jacqueline Gleason

By Danielle V Hemsley MS Statistics Candidate

“We are different students.  We are practical.” Director of Infrastructure at BHR Capital LLC & Baruch MBA Alumni, Jacqueline Gleason said when referring to how Baruch students stand out from private school MBAs.  Gleason followed up with an example of Baruch students winning a competition, full of competitors from esteemed private business schools, due to the judges being impressed with the practical nature of the Baruch student’s proposal.

During Zicklin Career Fest 2012, Jacqueline along with two other Successful Baruch MBA Alumni, Matthew Capala, Managing Director of Mixed Digital. and George Urmpipara, Consultant at Deloitte, shared insight with current students in a panel discussion entitled Tried and True Career Success. The panel discussion moderated by Christopher Lee, MBA student and President of Zicklin Graduate Finance & Investment Club.

Matthew Capala & George Urumpipara

Insight and encouragement was given to students about a wide range of topics. Big advice points were to set personal goals that are both challenging and realistic to achieve, and to seek mentorship.  Jacqueline shared her mentor’s suggestion to make a list of your 5 dream jobs in order to gain perspective into shaping your career path. Matthew Capala stressed taking advantage of the internet, especially LinkedIn, to market you. He said “if I had graduate school to do over, I would graduate with thousands of LinkedIn connections instead of hundreds.”

Capala and Urumpipara were both international students.  They shared their experiences in getting work visas.  Capala faced challenges in obtaining a US work sponsorship while Urumpipara reported that it was not a barrier for him. Deloitte’s legal department handled it for Urumpipara.

Gleason shared the challenges she faces as a woman working in a male dominated field.  She said that men are viewed as having potential and women need to have a proven track record in order to gain respect.  She encouraged women to speak up in office and emphasized not to let the fear of making a mistake deter you from speaking up.

Panelists also stressed the notion of stepping out of your comfort zone.  Two “uncomfortable” suggestions stuck out.  The first was to call executives and ask them if you can meet with them to pick their brains.  The second was to ask for feedback from interviewers who reject you.

The biggest message of the panel was to Network, Network, Network.  Gleason said “This is the time to hustle.  You can sleep after you made Partner because of your MBA.”

Matthew Capala with students he advised after the panel Tong,Ariana,Danielle,Bethany,Maria,Matthew,Nick,Marina 

Thank you to the GCMC for putting on an amazing event.  Especially, Justyn Makarewycz, the man behind the magic.


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