The Countdown

For those of keeping track at home, it’s almost time . . . for graduation that is.  That’s right  the end game is near.  For those of us wrapping up our programs, the deadline to apply for graduation is this Friday, March 9th.  Your weary correspondent turned his application in last week.

ChecklistMeet with GCMC on cultivating opportunities

Send in Commencement Info

Ride on the functioning! escalators

Connect with > 10 more Zicklineers over beer

Create a legacy program

Participate in a case competition

Check out the Subotnick Center

Turning in that paper to the registrar and hearing the date stamp on it felt more like a starting gun. Sure, one can’t help but be pumped to graduate.  There are mixed feelings too. One can’t help by ruminate about the over all graduate experience. Did I get and do everything I wanted from the program? Second thoughts run rampant.  That starting gun was a call to action to get going.

Stayed tuned to this channel as your correspondent brings you updates from the front.  Each week you will find new ruminations and what item was marked as done.  First on deck is the GCMC.  See you next week on the same bat time and same bat channel.


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