J. McLoughlin: A First Class Baruch Gem

J with the EOC banner By Danielle V Hemsley MS Statistics Candidate

“I love to meet mentors and hear why they want to give back and be mentors,”

said J. McLoughlin in an interview about the Baruch Executives on Campus (EOC) program.

In addition to being a School of Public Affairs graduate student at Baruch, J. McLoughlin also served as the Director of the Executives on Campus (EOC) program.  When J. started at EOC there were 80 mentors in the Zicklin School of Business Executive Student Partnership (ESP) year long mentoring program.  Now there are 147 mentors, a 184% increase.

During her time at EOC, J. launched the EOC Newsletter in order to reach out to the EOC community and keep people connected.  The latest issue can be found here. She is also helped  launched the EOC School of Public Affairs mentor for a morning program.  Mentor, Marianne Hovivian, with the help of  J. McLoughlin and student mentee alumnus, Terresa Ling, Ryan Meltzer, and Jason Wang developed the Mentee Alumni Program (MAP) as a way to keep mentees connected to EOC.  MAP also keeps mentees connected to EOC so that after 5 years of professional experience they can become the mentors of tomorrow.

J. dreams that all colleges and universities will look towards the Baruch College EOC program and adapt the model in order to create EOC programs everywhere.  She will be staying on as an EOC consultant through the end of the school year.  The EOC will begin its search for not 1 but 2 people to replace her.  While it is hard for the EOC to watch J. move on, the groundwork she has laid will help ensure the EOC continues its success of providing unique mentor/mentee relationships to Baruch students in order to promote student success.

While J. is moving on in her own professional path, the EOC stays will always hold a place in her heart.  When asked where she would like to see the EOC in 5 years from now, J. lit up and said

“I want there to be a mentor for every student.”

Please join J. and the EOC community at the May 9th Mentor Appreciation Party. RSVP here


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