GDay -4 Weeks

Late Night View

Only a month away!  Everyone, your correspondent included, has got that end-of-semester hang dog look. The big capstone presentation is done and only one presentation remains.  What does remain are the woulda, coulda, should haves and a fair amount of grumpiness.  Hurts that  a little sunshine and my garden spade can’t heal.

Of course, it’s at the end that you learn some handy tricks.  Luckily for the readers of  the GB I have them here for you:

  • Bring chocolate to group meetings. There come many points in every group where everyone is testy and the effort is at loggerheads.  Whip out a few Hershey kisses or other treat and voila! the misery index dramatically drops and a solution appears on the horizon.  This is particularly effective with the hardest working members of the group (i.e. women.)  Face it fellas, we aren’t as focused, smart, or collaborative as our counterparts (seriously, there are studiesthat prove this.) Moreover, our  general XY-ness tends to, rightly, piss XXs off — a bad thing.  Chocolate is your peace offering.

    There’s gotta be a way out here

  • Use rooms 14-266 and 14-267.  These rooms on the 14th floor are clean, professional and, importantly, free of annoying u-grads.  Open from 5-10pm these rooms for ALL MBAs offer a collaborative environment to bang out your group projects.  There are also consoles to practice your presentation.
  • Editing your paper via a projector.  It’s a great interactive way for your group to write/edit a paper so that it has one voice.  Plenty of eyes also help catch those dangling participles.  Moreover, with everyone standing the process goes quickly.

Got something that helped  your through?  Share your productivity tips on the comments below.

Late night practice


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