The Graduate Baruchian Needs You

Special Announcement: GB needs You


May 9th, Wednesday 9-9:30 pm: NVC 14-266

Current contributors and soon-to-be contributors, come to a short meeting to discuss the future of this noteworthy phenomenon.  RSVP to Lem Morrison

You’ve thought about it and schemed about it. . . Now it’s time.  Put those thoughts into action. Write.  Become a contributor to Baruch’s ad-hoc and graduate blog.  The acclaimed blog needs new  leadership for future semesters. Use this lull before finals and check out what it means to be GB contributor — it’s far easier and more flexible than you thought.  Continue the tradition.

The GB offers an avenue to:

  • make life-long peers;
  • access leaders in business and the administration;
  • develop confidence;
  • express original thoughts & opinions;
  • build your online exposure and get noticed;
  • improve your writing skills;
  • get experience with digital media; and
  • leave a lasting impression.

. . . with levels of commitment and involvement that fit you.

Writers, designers, marketers, entreprenuers and shutterbugs (local and international) have an outlet in the GB.  Use it or you may loose it.    Only a few business schools have a dedicated blog and Baruch has the highest ranking ad-hoc student-funded blog. Be a part of this Baruch gem. 

Consider this: The most recent Harris Interactive/Wall Street Journal business school survey recently reported, “Communication and interpersonal skills remain at the top of the list of what matters most to recruiters.”

How do you rank? What are you going to do about it?

Can’t make it, but still want to get involved? Send an e-mail to

A Toast to the closing semester: 9:30pm Hairy Monk

Copyright © 2011 Baruch GSA

55 Lexington Avenue   New York, NY  10010 NVC 3-256


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