GSA 2012-2013 Board Members

With little fanfare StudentLife certified the new members of the 2012-2013 GSA two weeks ago.  Since there was just the minimum number of candidates, an election before the graduate student body was unnecessary.   Congratulations to the new GSA:

  • Mohanlall Teloki — e-mail ;
  • Alex Chan — e-mail  Current  Board Member — MBA Accountancy;
  • Angela Spellman-Kavanagh — e-mail MSEd in Higher Education;
  • Cassy Yuen — e-mail  Current GSA Board Member — Social Events;
  • Chrystle Greene — e-mail  MSEd in Higher Education;
  • Jillian Lubarsky — e-mail Current Board Member — Academic Affairs;
  • Varathaarajan Vengadesan — e-mail  Current Board member — Secretary;
  • Angelay Ho — e-mail; and
  • Siwen Liao —e-mail.
Not all the new members replied to a request for information.  Their positions take effect on July 1st whereupon they will elect amongst themselves positions.
If  you are interested in being involved with the GSA, be sure to follow up with this group and Ben Messner (staff advisor.)  Vacant positions always open up (and the GSA must advertise  open  positions.)  Furthermore, the GSA has a non-voting advisory board for those who want to be involved but either don’t have the time or are waiting for an open position.  Contact your GSA.  They are there for you.

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