G Day -1 week!

This is it.  Classes and finals are done.  Cap and gown along with tickets are in my possession.  My MBA career has drawn to a close.

While I’m certainly glad to done.  I’m even happier to have my life back.  Imagine doing things in the evening and kvetching about something other the UCLA (i.e. the university at the corner of Lexington Avenue).

The biggest relief is not so much that group class projects will be a thing past, but that my identity will more within my control.  The biggest anxiety of b-school is the what-am-I-going-to-do-with-career complex.  With my focus back on my own business and out of HBS case studies, I feel more grounded.  The air is also better out here in the working world.  The rarefied air of the academic world bewildered this simple sot.


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