G Day -1 week!

This is it.  Classes and finals are done.  Cap and gown along with tickets are in my possession.  My MBA career has drawn to a close. While I’m certainly glad to done.  I’m even happier to have my life back.  Imagine doing things in the evening and kvetching about something other the UCLA (i.e. the … Continue reading

G Day -9 weeks

This week marks graduation minus 9 weeks to go. I squarely completed the participate-in-a-case-competition task this week.  Shirley Kuo, Severine Perrin, Moheeta Tamrakar and I poured over the Aspen Business Case (WalMart de Mexico & Renewable Power) this past weekend.  The case was released on Friday morning and by the following Monday at 9 am … Continue reading

G Day -11

This week marks graduation minus 11 weeks to go. And what a week it has been.  For anyone hiding under a rock here are the biggies for the week: Dean Elliott announced his departure, Greg Smith quit Goldman with a thunderbolt, and TEDxGramercy held their event at BPAC. . . . and your correspondent jumped … Continue reading

Week 4 — Who by Fire?

by Lemuel Morrison, MBA 2012 The shine has worn off the semester and the reality of uninspiring coursework and petty politics has set in. Porter’s 5 forces, 4 Ps of Marketing, and Sayre’s law are basics any B-schooler will have under their belt. Haven’t heard of Sayre’s law?  Oh but you have, you have lived … Continue reading

Week 1 — Stormy Weather

by Lemuel Morrison, MBA 2012 The fall semester roared in with tempests both literal and figurative. Irene delayed the start of classes as Baruch became an evacuation shelter.  The rumpus over the academic excellence fee sharpened tongues around campus.  Amid all the action, this series of posts will aim to step back and document the … Continue reading