Escape the city for a Day

Summer is here!  School is out (well for most of us).  There is actually time to do some fun things we don’t get to do during the semester.  While the city is full of culture, fun, sites, lights, and those sexy skyscrapers, let me suggest escaping the city for a little while.  A day to experience the nature that exists a short trip away from the city can be very invigorating.

The Hudson Line of the Metro North Railroad rides next to the Hudson River.  The beauty of the river is visible from the train for almost the entire ride.  Here are some spots to check out that are walking distance off of the Hudson Line of the Metro North.  You read right, a day in nature with NO car needed.

  1. Walkway over the Hudson The Poughkeepsie Station (Last Stop) Approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes ride.

    Walkway pic by Fred Schaeffer

The Walkway spans across the Hudson River 212 feet above the river.   It is a bridge only for walking and bicycling.  There are no cars.  The Walkway is open daily from 7am until sunset.  The Walkway is about a 20 minute walk from the Poughkeepsie station.  So if you want to save all your walking energy for the bridge itself.  MTA Getaway to the Walkway mentions a restaurant that offers a discount and free shuttle to the walkway.

2. Dia Beacon  Beacon Station approximately 1 hour and 25 minutes ride.

Picture curtsey of

This museum has great space and installations.  The Beacon train station is also right next to the Hudson River.  At the Station there is a park and sometimes a Farmers Market too.  The MTA DIA Beacon Getaways offers a discount for you to save some money on admission.

3. Also, in Beacon for the hiking types is Mount Beacon.   Those of us not as athletic must be warned that it is a bit of a hike just to get to Mount Beacon from the train station, before the actual hiking beings.  The walk to the mountain takes you down Main Street in Beacon which is full of cafes and art galleries, plus a wine bar.  Since DIA Beacon is open till 6pm in the summer, one could go hiking and still catch the last couple of hours at the DIA.


For other ideas on car-free day trips out of the city check out MTA Getaways.

Tips & Advice

  1. When leaving the city, sit on the left side of the train to be on the River side.
  2. Be aware of train schedules as the trains only come hourly.  Late night trains go local the whole way which can add 40 minutes to your trip.  And trains do stop after a certain point.
  3. Most people in the Hudson Valley are friendly and approachable if you need directions.
  4. Take some pictures.
  5. Have fun!

    Sunset at the Beacon Train Station during a recent trip I made


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