Does MBA at Baruch Give You Good Contact . . .

Originally posted on Feb 15th, 2011 by Lemuel Morrison One of the evil sides of administering a blog is the addictive availability of statistics on the site.  There is a steady diet of  junk: how many hits, where viewers came from and where they went to.  A steady drip for a data junkie to get … Continue reading

Escape the city for a Day

Summer is here!  School is out (well for most of us).  There is actually time to do some fun things we don’t get to do during the semester.  While the city is full of culture, fun, sites, lights, and those sexy skyscrapers, let me suggest escaping the city for a little while.  A day to … Continue reading

It’s Time for All to Know: Origins

I sat in the second row FIN9770 awaiting my test results.  I wasn’t expecting a stellar score, but certainly above the average.    That was my modus operandi — a solid B+ student.  Most of the answer cards were met with an exaltant “Yes!”   Mine was a 86.  Satisfactory I thought. Until . . .  I … Continue reading

How Did We Come to This?

This morning brought news reports that the NYPD infiltrated Muslim student groups at many area colleges.  Baruch was one of them.  Naturally, President Wallerstein and others have condemned this activity, rightfully so, in the strongest terms.  There is no reason to doubt the administration. But And that’ s a big but, how did the NYPD … Continue reading

What is your status this Feb 14?

By Nisha Shrestha, MS Quantitative Methods & Modeling Valentine’s Day is finally here. There is no way you missed its pompous arrival. Bright red hearts and fat, cute cupid seem omnipresent. And you definitely got that mail with a “great” valentine deal. To me it was most evident by the big bold sign at the … Continue reading

What Really Happened At Baruch On Nov 21st, 2011

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Images of the French Revolution and mob violence flashed across my mind last week as I stood in front of the clashing forces of NYPD/CUNY Safety personals and CUNY student protesters. By now you’ve undoubtedly heard about the protest and more, about how … Continue reading

The New Image of Baruch?

November 28th, 2011. We were warned in our first class of b-school that would come to pass.  Cynicism. The bright-eyed eager students in MKT 9703 couldn’t believe it would happen to them.  Well, as I walked out the library today into a phlanx of 50+ (yes I counted) of New York’s finest, it dawned on … Continue reading

Follow Up – Escalator Etiquette: A Rant

Spotted: 53rd and Lexington station coming up from the E/M platform….FAIL Tick tock, people. Time to get to work. Original Post:

Three Study Skills They Don’t Teach You In College

by Emily McMillen, MBA, Accounting, 2012 Midterm season is in full swing and students everywhere are slaving over books, churning out endless papers, and in general stressing out. While I don’t know if this applies to other graduate students out there, now that I’m in grad school I study WAY more than I ever did … Continue reading

Knowledge is good – Not always

By Varatha Vengadesan, MBA 2012 – Finance & Intl Business At the end of a long day I was glad to be back on the train that, I knew, would take me home finally. However, I cared to get into a casual conversation with one of my classmates who had accompanied me all the way … Continue reading