Details in the data

Many of the things prospective students and recruiters want to know about a university are hard facts & numbers. Here’s the official college fact sheet. You can find similar summaries in a number of online and print publications. The new wave of big data tools is bringing us a new kind of fact sheet; see one example here,  computational search results from Wolfram Alpha, a dashboard linking you to a number of sources dynamically.

graduate enrollment 2012

Fall 2012 (Baruch College)

Pro: analytic software means up-to-date, customized information
Con: software can’t be held responsible for accuracy

In a world with Google Now, it seems there’s nothing we can’t cross-check and connect live on the web. What’s certain is that people are increasingly using analytics tools to make decisions. Are data science products better than curated reports by schools or publishers? Perhaps judgement should be reserved. Technology makes more possible, good and evil.

Internet Map (Wiki Commons)

Over the next year, we’ll use this blog to do some of the things that humans do best – expressing, crafting, and selecting to show you what the college is all about behind the numbers.

If you belong to Baruch, then we hope you’ll like us (not on Facebook) and share your personal data through one or more posts and comments. If you develop an engine to post automatically for us, we’ll leave campus together for early happy hour.

degree count

Missing Values? (8/13/2013, Wolfram)


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