Back to School

Photo Credit: tncountryfan via Flickr

Photo Credit: tncountryfan via Flickr

Wednesday, August 28th will be the first day of fall classes at Baruch College. Passing by the 25th street plaza, you might think we had started already. Such is our urban 24/7/365 campus, where the transition between summer and fall takes only a weekend.

The special centers are busy opening their very special programs. New students are showing up for the first few times like deer caught in headlights – bushy-tails pinned on sport coats. Graduate clubs will welcome new students at a special reception tonight. Every spring, Baruch loses many of its best to graduation. Club officers will need to attract new blood if our traditions are to survive. is also welcoming/soliciting new contributors this week. Resident real estate expert Mikhail Khalilov will be talking up the blog tonight on floor 14 of the Vertical Campus building. Whether representing your club, your department, your neighborhood, or just your point-of-view, we hope you’ll choose to do it here in our independent public forum.


I Think, Therefore I BLOG

Photo Credit: marsmet451

Credit: Greg McFall & NOAA via Flickr

Photo Credit: Greg McFall & NOAA via Flickr

It’s a pressured time for everyone, but especially the newest members of our community. What’s clear is that new students could use a little help navigating their new social environment. There are many opportunities available, but you can’t seize them all. My advice? Meet people, get involved, and wait. Show up, listen, and your direction will become clear.

Your classmates are here to guide you. Don’t go it alone. Birds of a feather flock together for a reason you know… and they don’t call it grad ‘school’ for nothing.


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