The Auditing Dilemma of Chinese Companies

The Auditing Dilemma of Chinese Companies by: Michael Wander Seizure of property through physical threats!?  No, it’s not a street mugging!  It’s a $2.4 billion publicly traded company on the NYSE having a spat with their auditor, Deloitte, who happens to have 182,000 employees and revenue of almost $30 billion[1].  Whoever said audit was boring … Continue reading

Conversation with an International Student #1: Mumbai, India

Investing in American Education So I had this conversation with a friend of mine, an international student from Mumbai.  He wasn’t too keen on speaking for the vast majority of Indian students at Baruch, so I’ve changed his name here. IndianStudent01:  Here’s the problem I see with the international students: they have no stake. Jeremy: … Continue reading

Sykaljery’s Movie Picks on the Financial Crisis: IOUSA

IOUSA This is a movie about the national debt.  It is a really excellent film, which is extremely well produced.  I don’t hold with some of its tenets, and in many ways, it seemed to be a vehicle for the punditry of David Walker, the former Comptroller of the GAO, but factually, I think it … Continue reading

Tax Cuts and Austerity Measures

NPR posts a great video from professor Mark Blythe on why austerity measures and attacking the deficit aren’t the right answers to the economic crisis. If you’re a big believer in the tenets of IOUSA, consider this first.

Celebaruchities! Post 1: Mathew LePere

Name: Mathew LePere Years at Baruch: 5 Life Before Baruch: Worked at Sanford Bernstein Education: Cornell University Hotel School Position: Associate Director Oganization(s): The Robert Zicklin Center for Corporate Integrity, Associate Director, Baruch College Task Force on Sustainability, Associate Chair. The Skinny: I met Mathew LePere two weeks ago for a coffee on my day … Continue reading

Check Your Email! The GSA Has Events for You

Another general broadcast, for you.  The Graduate Student Assembly, has some great events.  Remember to check back at the Graduate Baruchian if you don’t want to check your email directly.  Great for finding out information about events at the public terminals in the Vertical Campus.  Thanks to all of our friends at the GSA for … Continue reading

Sykaljery’s Picks for Financial Crisis Movies

Hey all, I’m going to start a brief blog-mini-series for movies on the financial crisis.  Despite the media fatigue that many of us feel about the financial crisis that’s been occurring in slow motion for the last two years, I believe it is of incredible importance that we continue to learn as much as possible … Continue reading