After Hours at Zicklin — Session I

“In Vino Veritas,” was the toast that kicked of the inaugural session of the After-Hours Sessions at Zicklin.   Cavatappo served 14  venturous (and thirsty) Zicklineers seeking to create connections to fellow graduate students.  The first order of business . . . vino and nosh and of course introductions.   In addition to refreshment after classes, the purpose of the session is to provide a forum to discuss contemporary topics with fellow graduate students.  Lem Morrison, the facilitator (and author of this post) guided the discussion and made sure there were no wall flowers.  Opinions were required.

Topics included:

  • McKinsey Quarterly report on how helping women helps business.   The consensus : “duh.”  Why is this “discovery” being made on a regular basis.
  • 30-second pitch on yourself.  One member recounted his recent encounter with the CEO of his company, yes, in an elevator.  An “elevator” really does happen.  Do you have one?  or two? or three? as another member commented.  Different situations call for a different pitch, er spiel, or introduction.

The session concluded with some honest feedback on the presentation made by one member in class that night.  When was the last time someone told you what they honestly thought in a supportive and constructive way?  Come to the next session and find out!


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