After Hours at Zicklin — Session II

Are you just attending classes, getting decent grades and hoping that your dream job will land in your lap?  What you learn in the classroom is a small fraction of what you need out there.  What are you doing to make the most of your graduate experience?  That was the topic of the second session of After Hours at Zicklin at Andreas Brick Oven Ristorante.

The conversation among the group of 12 Zicklineers and NYUers centered first on what we read.  The NY Times and the Wall Street Journal, of course, made it on to everyone list.  The Economist and Financial Times were favorites as well.  Everyone had their own approach to networking.  A few bottles of wine loosened up the eclectic mix of backgrounds who offered some opinions.  What I found most valuable was the discussion about using Facebook and LinkedIn apriori and aposteriori networking events.  Our group had some novel approaches!

Want to know more? Contact me Lem Morrison and join us at the next event and bring your thoughts!  Opinions are currency at this group. You will be welcomed and expected to exchange.


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