Dan Choi: “Do You Have What It Takes?”

by Danielle V Hemsley, MS  Statistics How do you set yourself apart from all the other MBAs and land the job that gives you the best opportunity in the future?  This is a big question on the minds of many students.  Dan Choi, Managing Director of Credit Suisse, helps you discover your personal answer to … Continue reading

GREC: Real Estate Alumni Panel

November 17th, 2011 Oak Room Newman Hall Joe Berko, President of Berko Associates and head of the Baruch RE Alumni association; Roget Lerner, Owner & CEO of The Music Building; David Roth, Palladium Management; and Eddy Antar, VP of Acquisitions MAS Management What’s a recent or memorable deal? JB: We are working on an asset … Continue reading

After Hours at Zicklin — Session VI

What’s Your Brand The upcoming AHZ VI will start with a recurring theme — developing your brand.  How do others see you?  On what specific characteristics do you want others to see in you?  Just as a company or a high-profile figure will manage their image, so will a successful manager.  How will you add … Continue reading

After Hours at Zicklin — Session V

This lovely September evening was a great night to get out and enjoy discussing the issues of the day.  Zicklineers et al gathered at Andreas Kitchen with wine and some snacks. Introductions started with a new angle: tell us who you are and describe a moment or event when you were at your best.  Try … Continue reading

After Hours at Zicklin — Sesion IV

A small group gathered to enjoy a beautiful summer evening at Cavatappo.  The conversation drifted from power (what is it, who has it and how to cultivate it) to a subject defining many developed countries, especially China — small families. The topic started from a recent spot on WNYC’s  Leonard Lopate Show called (L)Only Child. … Continue reading

After Hours at Zicklin — Session III

Choose one word to describe the business person you think you are.  Integrity, Innovative, Communicative, Decisive, Creative, Collaborative et al attended the third session of  AHZ.    That was the just beginning.  You weren’t off the hook with just one word.  Back ups and explanations were required — a segue to that 30-second pitch. With spring … Continue reading

After Hours at Zicklin — Session II

Are you just attending classes, getting decent grades and hoping that your dream job will land in your lap?  What you learn in the classroom is a small fraction of what you need out there.  What are you doing to make the most of your graduate experience?  That was the topic of the second session … Continue reading

After Hours at Zicklin — Session I

“In Vino Veritas,” was the toast that kicked of the inaugural session of the After-Hours Sessions at Zicklin.   Cavatappo served 14  venturous (and thirsty) Zicklineers seeking to create connections to fellow graduate students.  The first order of business . . . vino and nosh and of course introductions.   In addition to refreshment after classes, the … Continue reading